It's time to WELCOME ...

Quality in your new home and to expect more for your hard-earned dollars. We are of the principle that anything not done right is not worth doing at all.


Style in your new home and to be provided with a multitude of choices that correspond to the taste and requirements of today’s living. 


Service as part of your buying experience and to be catered to in every which way possible.  It's time to welcome a professional licensed Realtor that can explain the contract in minute details and guide you through an efficient and worry-free purchase.


Peace of mind knowing that we are registered with Tarion, the Ontario New Home Warranty and that your house is fully insured for years to come.


Value in the acquisition of an asset of genuine lasting quality. It's time to expect floor plans that are functional, designs that are timeless and locations that are desirable. 

This, coupled with our quality principles and C.H. Clément's solid reputation, ensures value and an appreciating asset for years to come.



Since their foundation, this motto is motivating all of their actions. Their actual reason for being is ensuring you critical care in conception and production, a range of modern housing corresponding to the taste and requirements of today living and the acquisition of an asset of genuine lasting quality. To be really happy, one chooses a Clément roof! In 1991, C.H. Clément Construction Inc. started in the market by repairing and rebuilding apartments.

Having acquired this experience, the construction of a first 32-unit condominium complex in Hawkesbury, Place Clément, was achieved. The Rockland real estate market looking promising, we first leaped into the building of single-family homes, and then we moved forward in condominium and townhouse projects.  This turmoil of excitement brought on several other projects, constantly in the making. 

Always searching for new horizons we are, amongst other projects, initiating a brand-new development in Cornwall. Ambition and vision of future prospects, that is the key to our success!

C.H. Clément Construction has the reputation of offering a personalized and very warm service.  We understand that the purchase of a new home or a new condominium is an important and pleasant step but yet can be a worrisome experience. It is therefore very natural for new buyers to have many questions. 

Several months before the start of a new construction, a member of our team will be pleased to meet with you, our customer.  The main objective of this meeting, lasting several hours, is to answer all of the customer’s questions as well as helping in choosing the materials and items that will be installed in the new home.  Starting from the basic specifications for the style of the home chosen, the customer will be able to pick flooring, kitchen and bathroom counters, the location of telephone and cable outlets, brick, roofing paper, etc.  The customer will also be able to look at the various options offered to him such as the addition of a spa, air conditioning, fireplace, etc.  In other words, you will dress up your home to your liking.

C H Clement Construction is registered with Tarion.